The HELHa School of Engineering and its Research Center (CeREF) on mission in Chicago

Charlotte SAUSSEZ, lecturer and coordinator of the Industrial Engineering Master’s programme in Biochemistry, as well as research coordinator at the CeREF Technique, recently travelled to Chicago in the United States to carry out a number of international assignments.

>>> As part of her work for the CeREF Technique:

Charlotte attended the “Bioencapsulation Research Group” conference in Rosemont, near Chicago. Every year, this international conference brings together experts, exhibitors and researchers specialising in microencapsulation.

It was an opportunity for Charlotte to develop the CeREF Technique’s network, update her knowledge and join the organising committee. She also visited the facilities of Fluid Air, a company specialising in spray-drying solutions.

Opportunities to host American interns at the CeREF are emerging.

>>> As part of her activities in the Mons Science and Technology Department:

Our coordinator went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, one of the biggest campuses in the USA including 50,000 students! She met Amanda Hammat and introduced her to HELHa and its activities. Despite this impressive challenge, she stopped at nothing to begin an academic partnership: “Going to meet a university that offers mobility to 250 engineering students was a real professional challenge for me,” says Charlotte Saussez. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”, she continues.

The response was positive: “I felt welcomed and listened to. Amanda showed interest in our institution and how it works. She took time to explain all the stages, conditions and points of attention involved in setting up a successful partnership.”

HELHa is not stopping there in the hope of a future partnership: “A very small stone has been laid but (…) we are determined to conquer America. We want to offer this unique opportunity to our students, but we also want to enrich our culture by welcoming students.

To be continued!

Published on 28 November 2023

HELHa Sciences et Technologies