Naturalez_Agro: Humanitarian trip to Amazonia

Five students from the Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut (HELHa), Audrey EGON, Clarisse DEJET, Elsa DUBOIS, Estelle DUMONT and Irina JAMAR, are preparing for an extraordinary adventure! For them, education is not limited to the school benches, but extends to the Amazon jungle. They will be leaving in July 2024 to help an indigenous community, while at the same time expanding their knowledge.

The Raices ASBL is fighting for the protection and recognition of the Shuar territory, which is threatened by mining and deforestation. Thanks to this association, our students will be going to the heart of the jungle, to the Shuar Maikiuants in Ecuador.

The mission is clear: to help preserve and defend the Shuars’ lands against the various threats they face.

The activities include: jungle hikes, observation of animals in their natural habitat, identification of medicinal and edible plants, learning to fish by day and by night, discovery of the autonomous Shuar school, and even building a refuge in the heart of the jungle!

A fund-raising campaign

To finance their trip, the students are organising a series of events and sales at HELHa. They are selling pens, croissants, hot chocolate and much more. They have also set up an online kitty where anyone can contribute to their project.

>>> An Instagram page and a Facebook page have been created to share their adventure.

The funds raised will be used to:

– Fund the return flights,

– Support local activities,

– Develop various economic and social activities within the Shuar community,

– Fund the Raices ASBL in its reforestation projects,

– Contribute to the construction of a life school,

– Support the Shuar people in their fight against the mining industry in the Cordillera del Condor.

To contribute to their kitty, go online here.

Published on 27 November 2023

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