Is Quebec on the horizon for our Bachelor in Building students?

The Department of Science and Technology in Mons is further intensifying its contacts with potential international partners. This time, representatives from the General and Vocational College (Cegep) of Baie-Comeau in Quebec, Canada, have visited the campus of HELHa in Mons. The discussions focused on the specificities of the educational programs on each continent, but primarily on potential collaborations to be implemented in the future. 

Seeking Equivalences 

Both institutions are interested in the similarities at the core of their respective programs. The goal is to facilitate the mobility of our students, and in this regard, all possibilities for course equivalences must be meticulously analyzed. In the future, students in the Bachelor in Building could potentially cross oceans to complete part of their curriculum in Quebec, Canada. 

Quebec after Toulouse 

The Department of Science and Technology has previously negotiated such partnerships, including with the Institute of Technology (IUT) in Toulouse, among others. 

Currently, two students from Toulouse are pursuing their studies at the HELHa campus in Mons for the second year in a row. 

More information about our Bachelor in Building ? 

To fully understand construction projects (building, roads, structures), to be able to plan and execute them, and to develop all the necessary skills to lead a construction site from foundations to finishing touches, choosing the HELHa Bachelor in Building is the right decision! 

Published on 21 February 2024

HELHa Sciences et Technologies