Four world travelers in the Communication bachelor’s degree, Tournai

At the end of January 2024, Anna, Lauranne, Lisa and Olivier will leave the comfort of their Tournai nests for a 12-week work placement abroad. Marseille, Saint-Denis, Galway and Melbourne… Great perspectives !

Daring to venture into the unknown

Internships abroad are a major challenge! Leaving the country for 12 weeks, cutting yourself off from your ‘home’ routines and going far away, means you’re daring to get out of your ‘comfort zone’, and that involves taking risks. Four third year students from our Communication bachelor #Tournai are ready to experience this adventure.

Information & support

For them, it all started last year with the presentation of information to second year students by their local European mobility coordinator for bachelor’s degree students in Communication and Human Resources Management, HELHa. They quickly grasped that looking for a work placement abroad is something you must prepare for. You must be determined, because it’s not easy to convince people abroad that you’re the right person for the job. But students are not alone; they have the support and motivation of their local contacts. And it’s well worth the effort!

Extraordinary learning opportunities 

“As an intern with the Cinékour association, I’ll be taking part in ‘La Fête du court métrage à La Réunion’ from 20 to 26 March 2024. My duties will include promoting Reunionese short films and raising public awareness of this medium. I’m looking forward to working with the people of La Réunion and developing my skills as a cultural facilitator,” says Lauranne Verfaillie. Lisa Gheysens, for her part, will be crossing the Channel to Ireland, and a well-known HELHa partner: the Atlantic Language School in Galway. “I can’t wait to take part in the Atlantic Language School’s digital communication! I’ve had really good contact with my future placement tutor. Galway particularly appeals to me because of its wild landscapes: I’m a great nature lover! My first expectation is, of course, to improve my English (even if the Irish accent scares me a bit).”

Opportunities to develop new skills

“I’m absolutely convinced of the added value of an internship abroad. It opens up opportunities for our graduates, even on the Belgian market. Recruiters appreciate the challenge that students take on, as well as the open-mindedness and adaptability that these experiences bring out in our young people”, says Christel Delcoigne, mobility coordinator for the Social Department in Tournai. Erasmus remains an extraordinary life experience, opening up perspectives that are sometimes unexpected.

Olivier tells us how he feels just a few weeks before the flight:

“I’m really looking forward to flying to Melbourne to work at Tesla in the marketing department! I’ll be able to practice my communication skills while improving my English and discovering another culture. It’s a dream come true for me. I’m sure I’ll grow tremendously during this unique experience.”

Published on 2 February 2024

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